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Seminarie: 2022 Vehicle Dynamics -- Connected and Electric

Vehicle Dynamics -- Connected and Electric

Wednesday May 18, 2022, 9-15
Lecture hall (Hörsal) D3, Lindstedtsvägen 9, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden   

Hybrid seminar: Both in-real-life and on-line.

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Note 2022-05-03: We have experienced problems with registration. If you get an error messeage please ask to be registered in an e-mail to info@sveafordon.com. In that case, please remember to also tell if you participate in-real-life.

Purpose with the seminar

  • Present and discuss interesting issues within and challenges for Vehicle Dynamics -- Connected and Electric
  • Develop and increase competence
  • Create understanding and interest for vehicle dynamics
  • Networking between engineers and organisations and students

SVEAs objectives

  • To make vehicular technology’s voice heard in an increasingly more challenging debate among different vehicle types and transport modes both domestically and globally.
  • To build a network for efficient distribution of technological information
  • To attract the next generation of Swedish vehicular engineers


[Times stated are in Swedish time]

09:00-09:15 Registration and coffee & Poster session

09:15-09:30 Intro

  • Welcome from SVEA and Vehicle Dynamics Competence Area,
    Ingemar Johansson & Bengt Jacobson 

Moderator: Lars-Gustaf Hauptmann

09:30-10:30 Lecture session 1

  • Using maps and location data to improve vehicle dynamics,
    Petter Djerf, HERE Technologies
  • Predictive energy managment for heavy duty vehicles,
    Olof Lindgärde, AB Volvo
  • Micro-presentations of posters, part 1
    • A study on the energy consumption impact of environmental parameters on heavy vehicles, Manish Raathimiddi, Chalmers
    • Heavy duty EPS and its theoretical requirements, Christopher Essén and David Wikman, KTH and Scania

10:30-10:50  Coffee 

10:50-11:50  Lecture session 2

  • Road surface identification and tyre-road property estimation using camera data, 
    Will Midgley, Loughborough University & Volvo Trucks
  • Vehicle as a sensor, Bas Oremus, Scania
  • Micro-presentations of posters, part 2
    • Variable steering ratio design for steer-by-wire system, Jakob Roempke and Gustav Lindahl, KTH and Volvo Carsa

    • Driving Simulator Study on Crosswind Aerodynamics, Anup Garje Mohan Kumar and Sai Kishan Sawanth, CEVT and Chalmers

11:50-12:50 Lunch, mingel

12:50-13:30 Lecture session 3

  • Path following and lateral stability of automated vehicles, 
    Wenliang Zhang, KTH
  • Towards automating High Capacity Transport vehicles
    Abhijeet Behera, VTI and LiU

13:30-14:00 Coffee

14:00-14:45 Lecture session 4: Automotive education

  • Vehicle Engineering MSc prog,
    Mikael Nybacka, KTH
  • Mobility engineering MSc prog,
    Giulio Bianchi Piccinini, Chalmers
  • Questions and discussion about the automotive education

14:45-15:00  Questions and Wrap-up


Poster exhibition

There will be an exhibition of posters. It can be, e.g., master thesis or PhD thesis projects, both concluded and almost concluded such. Please contact Lars Drugge <larsd@kth.se>; or Bengt Jacobson <bengt.jacobson@chalmers.se> if you would like to propose a poster.

Each poster should do a "5 minutes micro-presentation with 2-4 slides". These slides will be printed also on paper and displayed at seminar site.


There will be proceedings from the seminar. This means that the presenters, including poster presenters, are welcome with a paper, or at least a public version of their presentation material. The proceedings will be available as a report on web; at www.sveafordon.com. It will include a list of participants.


Please fill in the registration form to the right on the top. (Translation in the first section of this page.)

Additionally, if you will participate in-real-life, please send an e-mail to info@sveafordon.com. If you do not inform us that you will participate in-real-life, we will assume that you participate on-line.

We want registration:

  • latest Thursday 2022-05-12 (for "in-real-lifers", in order to order food)
  • latest Monday 2022-05-16 (for "on-liners", in order to send out link).


Membership in SVEA

If you are not a member, we welcome you as a member.

Member fee in SVEA is 200 SEK/year (free for "junior 26-", 100 SEK for "senior 65+").

Membership application through: http://www.sveafordon.com/bli-medlem/vill-du-bli-medlem/medlemsansokan


Questions via e-mail to: info@sveafordon.com

The seminar is arranged by the Swedish Vehicle Dynamics Competence Area and hosted by SVEA with representatives from:

  • AstaZero
  • CEVT
  • Chalmers
  • KTH
  • VTI
  • NEVS
  • AFRY Automotive
  • Scania
  • Volvo Cars
  • Volvo GTT


KTH, Lecture hall (Hörsal) D3, Lindstedtsvägen 9 Stockholm, Sweden
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