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Honorarium for article in SVEN

As member of SVEA you can use SVEN to reach out. For example, it can be of interest for students to write about their projects, such as their master thesis, licentiate or PhD project in a popular way. SVEA can give a honorarium of 1-2 kSEK for an article. If you have an idea, please simply submit a title and an abstract to info@sveafordon.com.

Aim at an abstract of 100-300 words. The final article can be 1-2 pages.

SVEN is the magazine from FKG, which is the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association, see http://www.fkg.se/en/latest-information/the-vehicle-component/. There are 4 issues per year, so you can submit abstract anytime and we cosider the article for inclusion in next possible issue.

The language can be either English or Swedish (The Vehicle Component makes a translation).

You can become member in SVEA here /bli-medlem/vill-du-bli-medlem/medlemsansokan. Students are members free of charge.

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