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SVEA, The Swedish Vehicular Engineering Association, is a society for the engineers, researchers and companies that are active within the Swedish automotive industry.

The Swedish automotive industry, which includes educational system, research, original equipment manufacturers and suppliers, has a clear identity among customers worldwide and is working at a very high level both technically and as regards quality systems. SVEA is a society for the companies, the automotive engineers and technicians and researchers that are working with automotive solutions. SVEA works to support and develop the cooperation within members and the automotive industry and to inform the public about current activities within the automotive industry.

Within SVEA you will as researcher, automotive engineer and technician have access to current information and to discuss technical news and problems with colleagues in other parts of the Swedish automotive industry and within FISITA of which SVEA is a member. Within SVEA you will have the opportunity to meet with and to exchange experiences with colleagues at seminars and workplace meetings.

Within SVEA we cover the most areas of automotive technology. We aim to have members that are working within for instance education, research, development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and recycling of materials.

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